Mother Grundy weather

 Latitude N 32° 40' 04"    Longitude W 116° 43' 08"    Elevation 2700 ft

This weather station is now shut down

After 10 years at this location (and 14 total in Jamul), it's time to move on. Thank you everyone who made this site a success by visiting it. Thank you also to everyone in Deerhorn Valley especially for helping my time here be a deep healing and learning experience - this is a remarkable community full of extraordinary people that I feel privileged to have met or at least corresponded with. And thank you to the Land - the Silence of these rocks and mountains, valleys and flats - has been a source of nourishment and an inspiration to meditation.

I am moving up to Marin County in Northern California, with a treasure chest of memories in my heart, for a new phase of my life, grateful for the time spent here.

Peter Dyke